This Training Course and program is established by Sentry Protective Service as an extension of the State of California (BSIS) required mandated curriculum for all Private Security Officers.

All new employees hired for Guard Service regardless of their experience shall attend the Sentry Protective Service Training Academy.

1. Objective
Every Security Officer will be familiar with the course content, administrative, and testing requirements, as well as the responsibilities required by BSIS for all Security Officers for the State of California.

Security Orientation

  • Need for Private Security
  • Crime Rate
  • Expansion
  • Deterrent of crime

Qualities and Demeanor of Security Officers
Communication Skills and vocabulary
Security Officers Protects

  • People
  • Property
  • Information

Introduction to Security Functions

• Patrolling buildings, installations and plant perimeters
• Guarding restricted areas against unlawful entry
• Maintaining pedestrian and vehicular traffic
• Enforcing employee and visitor identication systems
• Escorting visitors
• Preventing and investigation of thefts and damage to company and employee property
• Enforcing company rules
• Special assignments during periods of emergency

Collecting and Reporting Information



The approach
Elements of an interview
Note taking

Elements of Report Writing

Complete Report Order

Every Security Officer will become familiar with Defensive Procedures. Every Security Officer will be required to attend a Red Cross First Aid Class.

All new employees must pass Sentry Protective Service Entrance Examination prior to being hired. All applicants are required to pass the examination. Applicants must pass the entrance examination with at least an 80 % passing grade. Each question not answered correctly will be discussed. At the completion of the course the Security Officer will be given a “Security Certification Patch” to be worn on their right sleeve under the company’s patch.

All new applicants will learn the importance of Uniform Standards. Dress, grooming, and personal cleanliness standards contribute and reflect the image of the Client and Guard Company. The Training Academy will teach all new applicants the professional security business image and standard required image in the workplace and Client business location.

Every Security Officer will be required to attend all new Training curriculum and procedures from this academy. This academy will be extended to all Security Officers who desire a more extensive understanding to enhance their Security careers.